A common mistake that many women make is that they start overeating as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Filling yourself out on the weirdest of food cravings is fine to a certain level, but there are a few things that you must necessarily eat not just for yourself, but for the little miracle growing inside you too.

what to eat when pregnant

What to eat when pregnant – smart nutrition is the key

Do not try to eat for two when you decide what to eat when pregnant. That way you will gain too much weight, and your baby will lack in nutrients which are necessary. Just formulate a nutrition plan with your doctor and stick by it. You should eat around five times a day, but be moderate every time. Fruits are great for you and the baby alike, so make sure that you have some between meals. Consume things that can help you avoid constipation. It is a common side effect of pregnancy, but you can do something about it. Cereal, fruits, vegetables are of great help in this regard. Regular but not excessive exercise will make you feel better, but will also defend you from this problem.

What to eat when pregnant – recommended food

So when a pregnant woman asks herself what to eat when pregnant, the answer is easy to tell, but not so easy to obey. She will need proteins, which can come from meat, fish, eggs, milk or even beans. Carbohydrates are next on the list. They can be found in bread, potatoes, rice, corn etc. Fat is, believe it or not, important as well. You can find fat in butter, milk, nuts, etc. Fruits and vegetables are essential in the diet for sure. Vitamins and minerals have to be present also. Iron can be found in spinach and broccoli for example. It should be noted that a pregnant woman needs more iron than usual, but iron supplements could cause constipation. One proposition is to take iron along with vitamin C. Zinc and Calcium are easily administered via a healthy diet and Folic Acid is crucial for the nervous system of the baby. Fruits, green vegetables, rice, and peas are all great natural ways for a woman to take folic acid.

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