Many women tend to make a big mistake upon finding out about their pregnancy. That mistake is called overeating. We all know that resisting ice cream and some chocolate cake can be quite challenging, but hang on, there are a few things which are a major no no while being pregnant.

Basic rules on what not to eat when pregnant

Alcohol deserves to be mentioned in the first place. Not only that it is completely useless for you to drink it from the nutritive point of view, it is very bad for your baby too. Fizzy drinks are all delicious, but hold no nutritional value. Apart from that, caffeine can harm your baby as well. So, be smart and forget about these. Milk which is high on fat should be replaced with some that has low levels of fat. What not to eat when pregnant? Pretzels, chips etc. are extremely unhealthy and will make you gain weight. Cookies, cakes and ice cream do not need to be mentioned, do they? Those are only basic things.

what not to eat when pregnant

More info on what not to eat when pregnant

Dairy products are good in general, but not every single one. Some cheeses are to be avoided. Danish blue and Gorgonzola can cause listeriosis which can be a major cause for a miscarriage. Raw meat, such as chicken, fish, pork and beef should not be eaten for the same reason as the bacteria in them can lead to miscarriage, still birth or premature delivery even. Homemade mayonnaise contains raw eggs which have to be eliminated from the nutrition. Salmonella can be just around the corner, and you can never be too careful. Everything that contains high values of Vitamin A can be catastrophic for your baby.

When it comes to fish, you should avoid tuna. Other fish that you need to avoid due o their high methylmercury levels are shark, king mackerel and sword fish. Raw shellfish can cause food poisoning, so say thanks and pass it around. Along with all that, you should wash all your vegetables and fruits thoroughly. Let’s not forget that deli meat sandwiches like Bologna and Salami are out the door too.

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