First time mothers usually find it hard to work out whether their child is ready for getting potty training or not. Working out whether or not your child is ready for toilet training is extremely simple. For example, there will be longer ‘dry’ periods, s/he would be extremely uncomfortable in a soiled or wet diaper and would immediately let you know as soon as s/he would pee in it or have a bowel movement, making it necessary for you to change it right away. However, you need to bear in mind that this progression does not usually take place till the child is around two years old, and for boys in particular, it might go up to nearly 4 years!

toilet training

Tips for Potty Training a Child That is Ready

There are a number of tips that you need to follow in order to efficiently toilet train a child that is ready for it. The first and foremost tip for toilet training is that you must not make a big deal of incidents and should make going to the bathroom fun for the child. When he uses the potty successfully for the first time, make sure that you make a hell of a fuss over it. This includes giving rewards along with lots of jumping around, clapping and of course – praising!

The simple fact is that children would go to any limits in their early years to make their mother’s happy and that is what you need to work on. If an incident takes place and your child soils himself, do not discourage him, in fact, tell him it’s fine and give him a bit of encouragement. This would help make the incident a passing memory and it would be quite unlikely for your child to repeat the mistake.

Potty Training Tips – Get Rid of Diapers!

Yet another proficient toilet training tip is that you need to quit using diapers for your child. When you do so, make sure that you do not start using other disposable training pants. Rather, what you need to do is use cloth training pants that have the child’s favorite cartoon character made on them. Why? Think of it logically, no child would want to soil their favorite character and that is how you would be dealing with his potty training needs!

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