Any parent who has a kid between the age of 1 and 3 has had to deal with tantrums of whatever nature. While this can be frustrating and a cause of concern, there is no need to set into panic mode as chances are such a kid does not do that for manipulative purposes. Tantrums can be frustrating for a parent especially if the kid seems to spiraling out of control. At one moment you are in a restaurant enjoying a great moment with your kid and all of a sudden she starts screaming and whimpering at the top of her voice simply because she wants the drink that the kid on the next table is using. How do you deal with such tantrums?

You might probably be thinking that you are raising a big head, a tyrant or a bully of sorts. However, chances are that your kid is simply experiencing some sort of melt down informed by frustrations. If your kid throws tantrums every now and then, it’s advised that you do not lose your temper but keep your cool and try to understand why he/she is behaving that way. The following are ways in which you can deal with a kid or toddler who throws tantrums.

  • Keep or maintain your cool
  • A kid that throws tantrums is not a good sight. With all the screaming, pounding of the floor or the table and throwing of things, a parent might lose his or her temper in the heat of the moment. Yelling back at your kid with threats is not the way to deal with the tantrums. It’s advised that you keep your cool and not lose your temper. Trying to understand your kid by embracing him can bring out affection and slow down his/her anger.

  • Act like an adult and don’t give in to unnecessary demands
  • Most of the time, tantrums are informed by lack of fulfillment of a given demand or simply a response to frustrations. You need to realize that you are the adult and therefore need to take and solve issues with a sober mind. Refrain from any sort of unrealistic negotiations as concessions might send the idea to your kid that throwing tantrums is the best way to get what they want.

  • Make your kid understand that you love
  • No matter how angry you might be at your kid for throwing tantrums, it’s important that you make them understand that you love them after taking about their tantrums. Affection and reassurance has a way of making kids feel loved and cared for and are quite effective in making them change their way of expressing frustration.

  • Teach your kid how to deal with frustrations
  • Afterwards, rather than getting annoyed, it’s important that you teach and make your kid understand how to deal with frustrations. Make your child understand that there are other ways of expressing their frustrations rather than screaming and throwing objects. By so doing, your kid will realize what it means to be expressive.

In as much as throwing of tantrums by toddlers is not a pretty sight, the above tips can be quite effective in helping your kid deal with this bizarre behavior.

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