An age old saying has it that knowledge is power and that ignorant is no bliss. Inculcating in your kids a reading culture is of essence especially in a world where ignorance is frowned upon. You will agree with me that teaching your kid how to read requires commitment and dedication. You need to lead by example if you are to achieve fast and effective results. So how you ensure you teach your kids how to read effectively? There are a number of steps that are germane to any parent. Teaching your kid how to read is a process and therefore a parent need to be steadfast is he is to achieve his objectives.

One effective step or tip is to personally read to your kid from infancy stage. Let your kid understand the importance of reading and show the way by personally reading to your kid. Personally reading to your kids serves to strengthen the bond between you and make them appreciate the importance of reading from early in life. Another effective way in which you can teach your kids how to read is by asking questions. Asking questions serves to make your kid interact with the book and also comprehend what it’s all about.

Effectively teaching your kids how to read requires of you to lead by example. Inculcating a reading culture at home and make your kid become an avid reader requires that you lead by example. Even if your kid has a passion to read, failure to show passion for reading on the part of the parent can seriously affect the desire. Classify words when teaching your kids how to read. Make them understand pronunciations, how the words are used in sentences and serve to invoke interest in them.

You need to make them understand that there are different genres and class of families as well as help them in proper pronunciation. Teaching your kids to read is instrumental in the sense that it serves to make them knowledgeable and become upright people in the society. Inculcating a culture of reading in your kids starts by you. You must lead from the front and take time away from your busy schedule every day to read to your kids. This kind of routine not only make your kid knowledgeable but it also serves to create a strong bond.

Every positive step your kid makes should be congratulated to give your kid impetus to move on and even learn more. Teaching your kids how to read is not a difficult undertaking as many of us have been made to believe. It’s all about making up your mind and changing attitudes in your kids.

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