Did you ever wonder how someone be pregnant and still have exactly the same weight like before? If you just answered yes, than here are a few facts about pregnancy without pounds that you ought to know.

Pregnancy without pounds for obese women

When it comes to obese women, the story goes something like this. It is essential for them to follow the doctor’s instructions about healthy eating. If they do that, a pregnancy without pounds will be realistic for them. That is the only case where this phenomenon is wanted. No woman should overeat during her pregnancy, and that obviously holds the same for obese women. Healthy food is always the solution. After your doctor tells you what food is good for you, you should make a nutrition plan and follow it through to the end. Doing this, you would surely have something to be proud of when your baby comes into the world. Women who gain less than 15 pounds during pregnancy are more likely to be healthy afterwards.

pregnancy without pounds

What you need to do to have a pregnancy without pounds

You might be shocked, but on average scale it is safe to say that, during pregnancy, a woman needs only three hundred calories more than before she was pregnant. Be careful what you drink. Do not take fizzy drinks and sodas at all as these are not good for you. Caffeine must also be avoided as it is not good for the unborn baby/ Try to eat smaller meals, but eat more often. For instance, in between breakfast and lunch, take some fruits. That will refresh you for sure and fruits are much better than candies anytime. Snacks like chips, pretzels and things like that are not nutritive, therefore they should be out. Some mild exercise is in order, if everything is all right, of course. Another good tip is to avoid alcohol. It is not good for you, and certainly it is not good for your little baby. Weight gain should be noticeable but small. If you are experiencing pregnancy without pounds, you should talk to your doctor.

To sum it up, the best advice is to be moderate. If you are nervous, don’t be. Everything will be just fine.

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