Pregnancy is a time of extreme stress and hormonal changes. This is highly dangerous for the health of a mother. Pregnancy massage techniques have been used throughout time to provide the mother –to-be with the prenatal care she desires. In the past, it was considered dangerous for expecting females to get massages, but now even the doctors recommend it. But, it is necessary that you get it done by a specialist masseur, who has experience in dealing with pregnant ladies.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage – Relaxation or Risk?

Although a pregnancy massage is a commonly used relaxation technique for mothers; but it has high risks if not done right. Several factors should be taken care of, otherwise you might hurt or lose the baby. Here are some thingsthat should be taken care of:

Body positioning
Make sure that your body is positioned sidelined. Do not lie down on a table with a hole for the uterus. That can put pressure on the abdomen; or make it dangle below, stretching the muscles. It is better to consult your regular or a professional therapist to find out the appropriate lying position for yourself.

The therapist
Do not go to any regular massage therapist. Seek the services of a certified prenatal therapist. A regular massage therapist is not trained to handle a sensitive condition like pregnancy, and may risk damaging the fetus. A pregnancy massage therapist would be aware of the sensitive spots of the body.

Sensitive pressure points – stay away
There are certain points on the wrists and ankles that can kindle the muscles of the pelvic region. Certified pregnancy massage therapists have the necessary training to identify and avoid these points. If you have some problems with premature contractions, tell the masseur immediately.

Consult your physician
Although it is not vital to consult your health care specialist, but it is better for you to do so. In some conditions it is important that you talk to your doctor first. This is when the female is at high risk, or suffers with preterm labor. If she is diagnosed with preeclampsia or pregnancy induced hypertension; has recently given birth, then stay away from a massage therapist before consulting.

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