A newborn baby is a joy to everyone. Almost every single person in this world loves babies. But, mothers can have several depression issues, which are in direct connection with their baby right after birth. The two forms of depression most commonly experienced by new mothers are postpartum depression, baby blues. The former form of depression should be taken very seriously as it tends to lead to other severe problems, ending up with suicidal thoughts even.

How to make the difference between postpartum depression, baby blues?

After vast experience with postpartum depression and baby blues, the experts have spoken. There are officially two ways to know which is which. Baby blues, which is a moderate condition, is perfectly normal. The mild condition can last for two weeks, and after that time, it should be gone. If that is not the case, it is called postpartum depression and it should be treated. Right nutrition, much sleep and support are needed to treat this condition, with the help of a specialist, of course. If all this does not work, medications have to be administered. The best thing to do is to follow the symptoms. If they are strong (severe bouts of depression, negative attitude towards self and baby, lack of appetite, frustration etc), go to your doctor for treatment as soon as possible.

postpartum depression

How to treat baby blues which has become postpartum depression?

You need to bear in mind that baby blues is normal. After two weeks, if the problem persists, call your doctor. When it comes to treating postpartum depression there are several methods. First of all, it should be seen if the patient has some other psychological problems. The special form of psychotherapy that is called cognitive behavioral therapy may help. Support groups, where many other women with similar problems give you much needed support, might be the solution as well. The right food has to be eaten for sure, and a lack of sleep must also be avoided. Expect your doctor to prescribe some medications to you as well. Every woman is different so there is no one right answer for anybody’s problem. Treatment is individual to put it simply.

That is mostly it. In most cases baby blues will go away. If it does not, you know what to do without hesitation. This is a very common problem but it should not be taken lightly.

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