This topic might sound extremely simple, but to tell you the truth, it is not. Sure, many couples would like to avoid it, and that turns out quite the contrary, but there are a lot of opposite cases. So, a few guidelines about how to get pregnant are in order.

Things that you need to know about how to get pregnant

First of all, a woman has to know the timetable of her menstrual cycle. In other words, she should know approximately when she will ovulate. A couple of days before that happens are the most fertile days. Seeing your doctor before the process is a great tip. That way, you will know if you have some infection and how to treat it. Nutritive diet and a healthy way of life in general will always pay off. So, are you still wondering how to get pregnant? The woman should have unprotected sexual intercourse every day till the day of ovulation. That way she increases the chance to conceive a child. She shouldn’t be nervous, because that can decrease her chances. Moreover, at times experts say that staying in a horizontal position right after having sex might also help in getting pregnant.

how to get pregnant

How to get pregnant – proposed sex positions

This is another thing you should worry about if you want to know how to get pregnant. The most basic rule is that male sperm should be positioned as near to the woman’s cervix as it gets. You should know that sperm can survive for several days, which is longer when compared to one day. Why do we compare it with just one day? Because that is the exact amount of time the egg can endure. That way, when the ovulation starts, it is safe to say that sperm will be pretty close to the egg. That is the most important factor because the two can now meet, leading to a happy pregnancy. A couple of sex positions like missionary and side by side can help in achieving this.

All of these are valid tips, but there is one more. Try to relax and enjoy. You are about to create a life and that is not something which can be seen every day.

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