Who would not love a little angel running around the house? The answer is nobody. There are numerous couples who are willing to go to any lengths to have a sweet little girl to their own. Most of the time, this desire arises after the couple has had a son. All the information below will help you with how to conceive a girl.

Learn how to conceive a girl but desire a son as well

This might sound weird, as honestly speaking, why would you want a son when you are looking for ways on how to conceive a girl. This is because these natural methods although effective, are not 100% foolproof. It just increases the chances of having a girl. So, if you believe wholeheartedly that you would have a baby girl, but end up with a healthy boy, you would be disappointed. This is not fair to the new born.

how to conceive a girl

How to conceive a girl naturally

Natural means only enhance your chances of having a girl. Here are some tips that will help you on your way:
Tip#1: Learn about the Chinese Lunar calendar of Birth. Although this is criticized a lot, but many people, astrologers as well as doctors recommend it as effective. This can be found all over the internet and can help you in determining the perfect time to have intercourse for a girl.

Tip#2: Go on an all vegetarian diet. This is passed on among women for ages now. According to this theory, the consumption of foods rich in calcium and magnesium increase the chances of having a baby girl. This is now supported by a Dutch research, in which 172 couples participated. At the end of the research, it was seen that eighty percent of the couples resulted in having daughters.

Tip#3: Adopt Shettles Method. The method suggested by Dr. Shettles, based on his research, has been effective for numerous people. The basic logic behind this method is that the Y chromosome, although faster, dies quicker than the X sperm. So, if vaginal conditions are made in which Y sperm cannot survive, results in X sperm fertilizing the egg; resulting in a baby girl.

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