Having a child is a gift from God. No matter what the gender, a baby should be cherished and looked after. All that parents need to be concerned about is that the baby is healthy and normal. But, there are some people who are persistent to have a boy. For them, having a boy is the most important matter in the universe. Such people end up spending most of their time in thinking and figuring out how to conceive a boy.

How to conceive a boy through SCIENCE

Natural means might only improve the chances, these do not guarantee successful results. On the other hand, science has figured out a sure shot way to give you what you want. Money can buy you anything. This stands completely true for the scientific method. Invitro fertilization or “test tube baby” is a confirmed way to have a baby of a specific gender. But the question is; are you that desperate that you will risk getting bankrupt? This is an expensive procedure and is also considered immoral by numerous people. The immorality is not something to be concerned of since most people cannot afford it anyway.


How to conceive a boy – the natural way

Natural ways of how to conceive a boy can only improve your chances, there is no hundred percent success result. Some of these are supported by scientific research, while others are just folklore. A commonly accepted method is Shettles method. The main points of these are mentioned below:

  • Time the intercourse: Try to have intercourse approximately 24 hours before ovulation. Also, do not have intercourse 12 hours after intercourse. It is important that you do this only once in the day.
  • Self-control for the father to be: It is important that there is a gap of 4 to 5 says between last ejaculation and the day of ovulation. After that do not ejaculate.
  • Maintain temperature: The father should take precautions to avoid heat around the scrotum.
  • Coffee- the necessary boost: According to Dr. Shettles drinking coffee 15 minutes before intercourse can help in conception too.
  • Ladies first: You can also try to improve your chances of conceiving a baby boy by letting the female reach orgasm during intercourse, before the male.
  • Basic environment: Make the vaginal environment perfect for the conception of a boy through douching (particularly meant for women that are acidic).

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