Known as spectrum disorder, autism is a condition that affects around 20% of people in a population of about 10000. Children who suffer from autism generally experience problems in 3 crucial or key areas. These are: language/communication, social interaction as well as behavior. Such children find it difficult communicating coherently, experience problems in interacting with others and behave differently. In as much as autism may be a devastating condition, it has been found out that a kid with a debilitating high autism may actually have a high or normal I.Q, be able to attend school like other normal kids and hold a stable job later in life.

Most parents wonder how they can diagnose autism. However, it’s instructive to note that there exist no medical or genetic tests that can ascertain autism is a condition. In most cases, autism is basically diagnosed by an experienced doctor ruling out several conditions after thorough observation. Generally, autism is not detected at birth. What this simply means is that a child can experience normal growth from birth and thereafter start experiencing deterioration in verbal speech and interaction. The cause of autism has not yet been ascertained as of now. However, doctors and medical practitioners opine that anything believed to cause some sort of functional or structural damage to the central nervous system inadvertently relate to autism.

Generally, it’s believed that around 10% of autism cases are genetic and not as a result of trauma, mishandling at birth or home environment as many have been fallaciously meant to believe. How can you tell that your child is suffering from autism? What are the tell-tale signs or symptoms? As noted earlier, there are 3 key areas that help in identifying whether a child is suffering from autism or not. These are communication/language, social interaction and behavior. As such, if you notice that your child is finding it difficult to communicate or even form words, chances are that he/she is suffering from autism. An inability to interact with other kids could be an indication of an underlying problem or autism.

In as much as children with autism tend to exhibit different behavior patterns, it’s important to be aware of some of the common autism symptoms. These are: social skills, language and behavior. When it comes to social skills, such kids are unaware of the feelings of others, do not respond being called by their name, may resist cuddling, and may prefer playing by themselves. On language, a child with autism exhibits delayed speech or does not sleep at all, finds it problematic to make eye contact when making some form of request, finds it difficult maintaining a conversation and doesn’t speak in a comprehensible language. Behavior wise, such kids tend to perform repetitive actions, have peculiar eating habits, fail to imitate as is common with normal kids, and may engage in self harming activities such as banging their heads among many others.

However, in as much as autism can be a trying moment for parents, it’s important that parents learn how to deal with it and try to make their kids become better people in the society.

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